TRR:  Who came up with the band name?   Explain it.

Regis: Actually, it used to be Regis Vox (solo project), but since I put a band together we changes to VOXX. We added another “X” and took off Regis.

TRR:  How’s the music scene in Tampa these days?  

Regis: It used to be bigger and better, it has died down a lot, especially the original bands.

TRR:  And, with the current pandemic, it has to be rough on all the bands along with the live music venues.  If you were not in the music profession, what would you be doing?

Regis: My second passion, which is teaching Martial Arts.


TRR:  What style do you teach?


TRR:  How has the pandemic affected your Martial Arts classes?


TRR:  Best thing about being in a rock band?

Regis: Performing and Connecting with the crowd. Writing and recording songs that will last forever and your grandkids can talk about it, regardless if the songs were hits or not.


TRR:  Most challenging thing about being in a rock band?

Regis: Keeping a band together and finding people with the same vision and passion.


TRR:  To date, your proudest moment as a singer?

Regis: Releasing my first single “Two Sides”.

TRR:  How did it feel the first time you performed "Two Sides" live in front of an audience?



TRR:  Your most embarrassing moment on stage?

Regis: Forgetting lyrics of a cover song lol


TRR:  The current band lineup; how does it compare musically to the original lineup of VOXX?

Regis: Same level, great musicians and great guys. 


TRR:  Are you very critical of yourself as a musician, singer/songwriter?

Regis: Absolutely!!

TRR:  In what ways are you critical of yourself as a musician?  Anything specific?


TRR:  Who is your biggest supporter?

Regis: My wife Lisa Lima.

TRR:  Did she know what she was getting into when she married you?  She wasn't just getting you but a whole band too. 



TRR:  What’s your dream show?  (Venue and supporting acts)

Regis: Sharing the stage with acts like: Godsmack, Rival Sons, Linkin Park, Breaking Benjamin, Shinedown,….I don’t really care about the venue…as long as the bands and the crowd are great!


TRR:  Is music your passion?

Regis: No doubt about it!

TRR:  When did you know that you wanted to be in this profession [rock music]?



TRR:  I love asking this question.  You finish this interview and you walk outside and find a winning lottery ticket on the ground worth 10 million dollars.  You go to cash it in but, there’s a stipulation.  The only way you can cash it in and claim the money is if you quit your band and can never write music or perform ever again, on or off-stage.  If you do, all the money will be taken away and anything that you’ve already purchased with it too.  What do you do?

Regis: Give the ticket to a children’s hospital and continue writing music, because the reason I do music isn’t the money. Don’t get me wrong, I like money like everyone else, BUT I wouldn’t trade that.


TRR:  Dude!  That is very generous of you.  Now, let’s rephrase the question.  This time, it’s your wife who finds the ticket but the same stipulation is attached; you must quit music entirely.  Does she ask you to quit so you both can keep the money?

Regis: Knowing how much my wife loooooves $$$, she would ask me to quit music for the first time. Money talks. lol.


TRR:  What’s your favorite VOXX song to perform live?

Regis: It’s hard to say, because every song is different and has its own meaning and vibe. I like to perform them all.


TRR:  What may some fans find surprising to learn about you?

Regis:  I started learning English when I came to US from Brazil in 1999 at the age 25. Before that, I knew nothing about the language, and now to be able to sing in English, even with some accent, lol


TRR:  When this song comes on the radio, you gotta sing along with it.  What’s that song?

Regis: Gasoline – Crobot   


TRR:  If this quarantine continues until the end of the year, how will you handle that?

Regis: Patiently.


TRR:  Do you want to be signed to a label or remain independent?

Regis: I’d love for us to get signed, as long it’s beneficial to both sides, band and label.


TRR:  How did Maverick find you guys?

Regis: We found them! They were looking for bands to endorse. So, we sent all our info, songs, bio, social media, etc… and thankfully they agreed to endorse us and brought us on board.


TRR:  They're a great organization.   All the Maverick endorsed bands are top notch.  Where is VOXX going to be 2 years from now?

Regis: Sharing the stage with some or all the bands I mentioned previously! (Shinedown, Breaking Benjamin, Linkin Park, Godsmack, Rival Sons,)


TRR:  Who would you like to give a shout out to?

Regis: First, to all the support we have had lately from friends and family, personally to my wife Lisa for never trying to pull me from music, to my vocal coach/ co writer and mentor Larry LaFalce, my brother Billy Varga III for writing songs with me and Brett Hestla for producing our music so well and so creatively.

TRR:  Thanks for giving us your time Regis.  We're looking forward to hearing more from the band once this crazy pandemic is over. 

To learn more about VOXX, visit their website, or catch up with them on Bandivious and Facebook