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A Heat Wave of Rock

"Things happen in life that you can’t control and I love focusing on the future and it’s exciting! If I regretted anything I would not have my girls [in the band] that I have now. No regrets! I’m healthy, happy have lot’s of friends and live the life I love! And not to mention fans all over the world which is truly like a 5th member of Thundermother. All the support we got, it’s just amazing and our music is for them."


~ Filippa Nässil

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They hail from Sweden, and their sound features a smoking, thrashy Metal feel, in the same vein as AC/DC or Motorhead.  Their album, Heat Wave (2020) is an energetic combustion of four women who are compelled to Rock. They say that their goal is "nothing less than Rock ‘n’ Roll World Domination! “ The band was originally formed in 2010. By 2017 there was a band overhaul. Founder and guitar goddess Filippa Nässil achieved a real stroke of luck with this new lineup. Front woman Guernica Mancini gives the songs a unique touch with her Blues-soaked voice. Hardcore drum rhythms are found with Emlee Johansson, and bass grooves are served up hot by Majsan Lindberg. Fine tuning was provided by the Danish hard rock hitmaker Soren Andersen, an experienced producer and gifted guitarist who has worked for Glenn Hughes, Mike Tramp, Dave Mustaine, Tommy Aldrige, etc. In the space of three weeks the rockers created a first-rate sound at his Copenhagen Medley recording studio. Thundermother brings forth fresh, Modern Hard Rock elements, and a rich 70's groove. The songs cover various genres within their original Rock sound. I caught up with Filippa to talk about it:

By Kreig Marks, October 2021

KM:  Hi Filippa.  Welcome to Tru Rock Revival Magazine.  Congratulations on all the success the band has achieved since getting together in 2009. Your band has 4 full albums under your belt so far.  For the most recent album, Heat Wave, all of you contributed to the writing of the songs, which was new for you.  Were you reluctant to share songwriting duties this go round?


FN:  Haha, yes! I didn’t want to compromise my vision of the music at all. But I have really opened up. I want to learn and develop, and I am doing that now. Nowadays, I love writing with others and I do it on a daily basis, actually. The girls are solid songwriters, and it needs to fit everyone and motivate everyone who's working for it. A very good decision is, you are never as good as your last song, and I am gonna write until the day I die. Music is fun!


KM:  It sure is! In 2017, the entire band changed - with the addition of Guernica on vocals, Emlee on drums and Majsan on bass.  What do you feel makes this incarnation of the band different or better than the original?


FN:  Guernica has more range in her voice. And more soulful vibes. But her heaviest screams are brutal with so much power, which I’ve never experienced before in any singer. We collaborate with each other within the band now on all band tasks, and have many more influences. Emlee on drums and Guernica on vocals is solid professional musicianship, and we’re a true team. It’s like having a second family to have a band, and they are my sisters I never had. We hang out and do nice things for each other, and I feel truly appreciated. All I wanna do is roll down the road playing music.


KM:  Why do you feel the original lineup didn’t last? 


FN:  We didn’t have the same work ethic for the band or same vision, and it was a struggle to work together. Of course it hurt when they left, but I don’t have a wish to change anyone and I accept their life decisions. I’ve grown stronger from my pretty difficult past, in pursuit of having my dream fulfilled. I’m happier now and the band has grown since then, so I am happy I didn’t quit.  I don’t regret anything, because If I did, I wouldn't have the band that I have now. We are better musically than ever, and everybody’s finally on the same track now.


KM:  In 2017, after the original band dissolved, were you reluctant to reform the band?  Did you have any reservations about doing that and possibly disappointing your fans?


FN: Actually it wasn’t even on the table haha. I fight for Rock 'n Roll. I made a promise to the fans and I will keep it.


KM:  In 2020, the band released the album, Heat Wave. How do you feel this album is different from the previous 3 releases?  


FN:  It’s a level up for Thundermother, in both sound and musically. Every song is carefully crafted and every solo is unique. We hired an external producer to help us get the sound we wanted, and also he is a talented musician called Sören Andersen who plays guitar with Glen Hughes and Jesper Binzer in D.A.D. We took much more time writing the album and more days in pre-production than we ever have before. It paid off. We all quit our day jobs to do this.


KM:  Have you had any contact with Clare, Linda, Tilda or Giorgia since they left?


FN:  No, but I see some of them have projects going, and I wish them only the best with that and in studies, work, and in married life!


KM:  So, after the band reformed, what was your feeling the first time you performed with the new members, and this time, there being 4 of you and no longer 5?


FN: I heard from people I trust on the first gig in Debaser Strand in Stockholm (with my new white Explorer guitar) that it was the best gig we’ve done. And I was ecstatic. I still have pictures from the afterparty on my fridge.


KM:  Ha. Did the fans of the band take to the new members right away, or was there a bit of a “learning curve” for them, and a feeling that they had to fall in love with the band all over again?


FN:  I didn’t really care because I did this for me and the fans and Thundermother. I want to play and tour with the band I started and wrote all songs for. My vision didn’t die. But when I finally checked out social media, I was surprised by how grateful many music lovers were. We lost some and gained many. Music speaks for itself.


KM:  Alright, enough of the past.  Tell me about the current lineup and what you love about this group?


FN:  They are determined, won’t ever give up, gives the band 110%, are easy, great musicians etc etc.. WE HAVE FUN and are professional (hopefully haha)!                      


KM:  How do the 4 of you decide on new songs and how do you go about the writing process?  


FN:   We put everything we write in a dropbox and ask people for advice of what their favorites are, then we rank them and discuss what we really like to play ourselves or what we are missing, if it’s a shuffle or something like that. Then the producer has an opinion too. For now we aim high with 10/10 rock hit songs and no fillers.


KM:  In the past, I believe you’ve been the primary songwriter.  Was it difficult for you to begin delegating and sharing those responsibilities with the rest of the band members?


FN:  Everybody writes and we save everything. Best song end up on the album but that’s something I always said.  I involve them in my songs more frequently now so everybody get their take on it.


KM:  The most recent album, “Heat Wave,” you released in July of 2020, right in the middle of the pandemic, so you didn’t get to do a tour to promote the album.  It looks like you all are now trying to make up for lost time by doing an extended tour.  Is that fair to say?


FN:  We decided to release it because people need music in difficult time! During the pandemic more than ever, bands calcelled their releases but we decided to go on to spread some happiness. We tour as much as we can all the time also.


KM:  Is there a favorite song from the new album that really gets you pumped when you hit that first chord?  Personally, I really like that opening riff from Dog from Hell.  


FN:  Thank you, I really like to play driving in style, that riff is mad. I enjoy Heatwave, Loud and Alive and Mexico a lot also and ofcourse Dog From Hell. We will play more of the new songs eventually live but these are firm on our setlist now.


KM:  How excited were you the first time back on stage after not doing any live shows for all of 2020?


FN:  We played more than any other European band in 2020. We never stopped. We rented a fire truck re built as a stage and played on the roof on top if it around Germany especially with help from Corona Concerts EU that helped the promoters keep the pandemic instructions to get through an event. We also played for 50 people when allowed, but two times a day! We worked twice as hard and got to perform a lot. But if you ask how the feeling was when we finally had 7000 people again, like on Alcatraz Festival a few weeks ago, it felt amazing. We were tighter, fitter than ever but could also enjoy a big crowd again. 


KM:  Are there any specific shows on the schedule you are really looking forward to?  I don’t see any U.S. dates on the schedule yet.  Are there any plans for a stop over in the U.S. in 2022?


FN:  USA is absolutely one of our primary goals for 2022 hopefully and I can’t wait! You must come to our show then! You will not regret it! We spread joy and entertain. It will be a hell of a show.


KM:  Is there material written for a 5th album yet?


FN:  Yes we are in the making of it as we speak. And I’m super pumped. We do it between tours now.


KM:   We’re looking forward to hearing more from the band and we wish you all nothing but the best.  


FN:  Likewise and hope you’re happy with my answers and that I left no questions unanswered!  See you on the road!

For further information about Thundermother, follow them on Facebook or visit their website.

Kreig Marks, Publisher / Founder TRR

Kreig Marks is the Founder/Publisher of Tru Rock Revival Magazine.

Rock music has always been his passion, and promoting musicians. In is spare time he is an internationally recognized neuro-fitness trainer/ kinesiologist. 

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