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Abaddon's End is Kyle Alt (Drums), Steve Sugden (Bass), Tim Shelton (Guitar) and Adam Liebersbach (Vocals).


Kyle and Steve are the founding members of Abaddon's End.  They have been making music together for over 27 years and have been in 30+ bands together including Shaman Spell, Red Rain, and Tarnished. They are musicians but they are also friends and the trust they've built over the years shows by how in sync they are as performers. 


By Kreig Marks, September 2023

Kreig: Congratulations on the new single, “ Absent in Adolescence”. When will we hear more songs? What about a full album?


Steve: We will be back in the studio on September 30th to record a new single. We have full intention of putting out a full album sometime next year, Just wait!


Kreig: You and Kyle [Kyle Alt, Drummer] are the founding members of the band and you’ve been friends for many years and have been rhythm section of several other bands together. What keeps driving you both to do more?


Steve: Both Kyle and I grew up with music in our childhood. We both have a passion, drive, and genuine love of the art of music.


Kreig: You’ve been playing the bass since you were a young kid. I understand your father was a pretty talented bassist in his own right. I’m going to assume you watched your dad and his playing became your influence to pick up the bass.


Steve: I grew up watching my dad play bass, I guess you could say he was my first mentor and driving force to love music. I have spent my musical career trying to be something that my Dad would be proud of as a musician and as a person in general. He left some really big boots to fill, if I can become half of what he was musically; I will consider myself to be a success.


Kreig: Take me on your musical journey. You’ve been involved with a lot of bands, somewhere in the neighborhood of 30. Tell me about the first band you were in.


Steve: The first band that I performed with was called “Red Rain”, Oddly enough, Kyle Alt was also a member of this band. That shows just how long Kyle and I have been collaborating together.


Kreig: Keep that friendship going! Being in this profession for so many years and having done so many shows, thinking back, what show really stands out in your memory and why?


Steve: In the late ’90s, we had that awesome opportunity to open for Candlebox. At set-up time, I was having a pretty bad day. I came across Kyle talking with a guy who was sporting spiked bleached hair. At that time, I was sporting long bleached hair. As I approached them, the guy made the comment “Nice Hair” and started laughing. I came back with the comment, “ You obviously haven’t looked in the mirror lately.” He walked away laughing.


It was then that Kyle proceeded to tell me that I just smarted off to the bass player of Candlebox. At that point, a new friendship was born. During our set, that bass player proceeded to mess with me and we ended up hanging out after the show.


Kreig: Let’s hear about a crazy fan interaction. What comes to mind?


Steve: After a show one night I went looking for Kyle and was told that he was backstage signing autographs for a fan. Needless to say, I found said fan in a state of undress and Kyle signing unmentionable areas. It was at that point that said fan decided that she needed my autograph as well. What’s a guy to do? Anything for a fan! LOL


Kreig: LOL!!! Good one! So now, it’s Abaddon’s End. I know you and Kyle have been friends for years. What about Tim [Tim Sheldon, Guitarist] and Adam [Adam Liebersbach, Vocalist], how did you find these guys?


Steve: Tim had played in a band that opened for us in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and we struck up a friendship. We were very impressed with his guitar abilities. During that time, our band was in a period of transition and our guitarist position was available. We made the decision to reach out to Tim, the rest is history.


As far as Adam, we were actually having an open mic tryout for our new vocalist. Adam showed up like a schoolboy, notebook, and pen in hand. We knew at that point that we had someone who actually was serious about this project. Again, the rest is history.


Kreig: What do you feel is different with this band than some of the others you’ve been in?


Steve: This time, the feeling is different. We are a brotherhood and rely on each other equally. The chemistry and how musically bonded we are is indescribable. 


Kreig: Who’s the primary writer in the band?


Steve: We contribute equally. Each of us is responsible for our own part, but are open to ideas from each other to make each project unique and what Abaddon’s End means.


Kreig: When you’re not performing, what else is going on in your life?


Steve: As of right now, we are still working full-time jobs and juggling our home lives. We play out almost every weekend and are always striving to book more shows to get the name “Abaddon’s End” out there. 


Kreig: Abaddon, in the Bible, means destruction or the realm of the dead. Are you guys on a mission to destroy the assumption that rock is dead? At Tru Rock, we know rock is alive and well.


Steve: We collectively feel that the pulse of rock never died. It is continuing to evolve and become a new being, ever-changing.


Kreig: Absolutely! Are you still living in Wisconsin? How’s the music scene there?


Steve: The music scene in Wisconsin is alive and well no matter where you travel in Wisconsin. The talent in the midwest spills out from the border of the upper peninsula of Michigan to Minnesota, to Illinois all bordering on the place that we are proud to call home: Wisconsin. 


Kreig: How’s your golf game?


Steve: Well, let’s just say that I enjoy the game, but there may be some golf courses that I am not allowed to play on anymore!


Kreig: I feel your pain. As a kid, what music were you listening to? Who are some of your musical influences?


Steve: First and foremost: Led Zeppelin. Other bands that really spoke to me were Rush, Boston, Van Halen, and Blue Oyster Cult. 

The bands that really spoke to me and created my drive to want to be a musician were Van Halen and Rush.


Kreig: Some of the best! What about today? When you’re not in the studio writing and recording, or on stage, what are you listening to?


Steve: Today, I am very influenced by Korn, Disturbed, Slip Knot, and Five Finger Death Punch.  In my leisure time, I have a wide variety of sounds that inspire me. Too many to list.


Kreig: Do you feel the band is close to taking a big step forward?


Steve: Yes, we are confident as musicians and are always striving for that next step. We have made some managerial changes to our career and have the amazing opportunity to be signed with Curtain Call Records.


Kreig: Curtain Call is a solid group. They go that extra mile for their bands. What’s on the calendar through the rest of the year?


Steve: Doing as much recording as possible, we know that people want more. We are also playing out every chance that we are offered.


Kreig: Stay in touch and we look forward to your album next year and the singles you drop!

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Kreig Marks, Publisher / Founder TRR

Kreig Marks is the Founder/Publisher of Tru Rock Revival Magazine.

Rock music has always been his passion, and promoting musicians. In is spare time he is an internationally recognized neuro-fitness trainer/ kinesiologist. 

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