Salem's Childe

On a witch hunt, we found some heavy metal to tackle narcissism and some new hope for a remake of a 90's pop tune with a touch of metal.   

A cool way to celebrate my birthday, catching up with Johnny Oravsky, the lead vocalist of Indiana's Salem's Childe to discuss life and the new album, "The Sin that Saves You."



By Kreig Marks, October 17, 2020


TRR:  So, tell me about this pipe welder thing you’ve got going.

JO:  Well, that's my day job.  I've been doing that for a long time, not ready to give it up just yet because it's my major source of income and honestly, it pays very well. 

TRR:  Do you worry about injuring your hands doing this type of work. I know you're the singer in the band but I understand you do play guitar too.  

JO:  Yeah, I do play guitar too but I've been doing this work a long time and I'm careful.  And, yeah, you're right, there's always that chance that I could do something to really injure my hands but I'm very careful.  Always focused on the job at hand. 


TRR:  The new album, The Sin that Saves You, who’s idea was it to have the 4 short instrumentals between some of the songs?  That’s a cool change from what you typically hear from bands these days.



TRR:  How’s the music scene in Indiana these days?  Or rather, how was the music scene there before the pandemic put a halt on all live music?



TRR:  Did the pandemic cause a delay of the release of the album?

JO:   Actually, no.  I joined the band last December and they had all the songs written and ready to record.  


TRR:  Listening to some of the band’s songs from a few years back, on the Paradise Lost, EP, the band seems to have more of a “Tool” type sound.  On The Sin that Saves You, the sound is definitely very metal.  Was this an intentional transition?



TRR:  Tell me about your background? 



TRR:  As a kid, what were you listening to?

JO:  Oh wow, I was listening to a bit of everything, some music you'd never think I would have listened to.  


TRR:  When did you know that you wanted to make music part of your life?



TRR:  How did you guys hook up with Pavement?  They’re a great label and they care about their artists, a lot.



TRR:  As a band, what do you find the most challenging when you get together to write new songs?



TRR:  If you had one day to front 5 different bands from 5 completely different genres, who would those bands be?

JO:  5 completely different genres?

TRR:  Yeah.  Do your best.  No pressure. Lol.

JO:  Hmm.  That's an interesting question. I haven't been asked that before.  Let's see.   For Metal, I'd say, "All That Remains."  That could be pretty cool.  They're a great band, I really enjoy them.  For hard rock, I'd say Sammy Hagar’s solo stuff, before Van Halen.  That would have been fun.  I hear Sammy is pretty cool.

TRR:  Sammy is great.  I had the opportunity to interview him last year before a concert here in South Florida and he was what you'd expect, a very cool guy.

JO:  That's pretty cool.  Was he open to discussing Van Halen?

TRR:  Yep.  He was very cool with that and genuinely open to speaking with Eddie if the opportunity arose. 

JO:  That's pretty cool.  So, let's see.  Another band, different genre.  Let's go with the Eagles.  I guess that would be considered either Southern Rock or Soft Rock.  Either way, that would be cool.  

TRR:  Two more.  Whatcha got?

JO:  Oh man, this is hard.  Lol.  Hmm.  Oh, I got one.  Heart!  Man, that would be so freak'n cool.  The Wilson sister's are amazing and that could be a lot of fun.  Great singer/songwriters, both of them.   And, not bad to look at either, especially back in the day.  Ok, one more.  This is easy.  Led Zeppelin.  I don't think I need to explain.  

TRR:  So, no Elton John, Barry Manilow, Abba, Carpenters?

JO:  Lol.  You know, I almost said Elton John.  

TRR:  You’re performing at a festival.  You’re standing backstage and suddenly you see ________________ and you go absolutely nuts, almost to the point of embarrassing yourself because you’re so excited.  Who is the band or artist?

JO:  Sebastian Bach


TRR:  Sebastian Bach?

JO:  Because he’s the mother fuck’n man! 


TRR:  A song from the 70’s that you’d like to remake as a metal tune?

JO:   Operator

TRR:  Jim Croce?

JO:  Yeah.  I can hear it.  That would be cool.  I've got one from the 80's.

TRR:  You looking at my questions?  That was the next one.  Let's hear an 80's song you'd like to remake as a metal tune. 

JO:   Torn by Natalie Imbruglia

TRR:  Torn?

JO:  Yeah man.  Check this out. (Johnny begins to sing a verse from Torn.) " Illusion never changed,
Into something real, I'm wide awake and I can see the perfect sky is tornnnnnnnnnn!!!!!  (At the end, when he gets to the word "TORN" he rips out a pretty damn loud and on key metal scream.)

TRR:  Woo!  Man, that would be so cool!  I never saw that one coming.  You should do that!  

JO:  I'll talk to the guys. Lol


TRR:  What’s the next step forward for the band?



TRR:  Anyone you’d like to give a shout out to?

JO:  Thank you to all the staff and members of Pavement giving us the opportunity to come out and shine, to all the families of Salem’s Childe who have followed us along the way.  Anyone who’s been supporting me all these years and sticking with me and by me and my band, Salem’s Childe.

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