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Young, Hot & Sexy, LIttle Triggers is So Fine!

Dec. 18, 2019, Abbe Davis

lit trig.jpg

TRR: Tom, how are you doing?

Tom: I'm in my flat, in Liverpool.

TRR: Congrats on Loaded Gun, your album from this year.

TOM: Yah, it came out a few months ago in May.

TRR: How is it going? Are you playing in Paris, and are there dancing girls on the stage?

TOM: We didn’t bring them, they got on the stage on their own accord.

TRR: Clothes on or off? Were bras thrown or not?

TOM: (laughing) no, no, unfortunately, no.

TRR: OK, good, keeping it clean.

TOM: Eh, yah.

TRR: So, we heard you guys out of thousands, and I loved it.

TOM: Thanks.

TRR: You’re voice is original. You are a combo of a bunch of great things in your voice.

TOM: Classic Rock in England just chose our song, “So Fine,” as one of the tracks to feature, so it’s a great honor, and the magazine just came out on the streets with some big names. Pretty good for a young band.

TRR: Who wrote that song?

TOM: I wrote that song, it’s not really about anything in particular.

TRR: Well, you don’t even need to talk it to death, it’s just a great song! How do you write something that good, what’s your approach?

TOM: I write a riff on the guitar. And then I take it to the practice room, we play it, and I make up lyrics on the spot. If you do it on the spot it is real, but if you work at it too hard, it is like TV.

TRR: Yah, like someone going on about finding a hook, it’s yah, no the best ones don’t come out like that.

TOM: "So Fine" was quick. On the spot.

TRR: Why Little Triggers, and record title,  Loaded Gun? Who likes guns? Anyone in the band into that?

TOM: Nobody, we are called that, cause I was just looking at songs on the back of albums, and so I saw on the back of some Elvis Costello album, the song, Little Triggers, so I wanted that one.

TRR: Ohh, I was wondering that. Cool!

TOM: Who are your influences and when did you begin to sing?

TOM: I began at age 14, and I tried to sound like Steve Marriot from the Small Faces.

TRR: Ah, cool. Who else? Anyone else?

TOM: John Lennon was a big one, and Mike Harrison from Spooky Tooth, and the V.I.P.s, as well. Robert Plant a bit, and Wilson Picket and Little Richard, but I never tried to emulate them, because I know I can’t come close.

TRR: Did your parents listen to that music, cause you’re so young.

TOM: Yes. My dad got me into the Beatles, and into the whole rock movement. And then old 50’s American songs, and cool bands.

TRR: How did you meet your band?

TOM: We met sort of from University, and in bars and around, on the Liverpool music scene.

TRR: What is the Liverpool music scene like?

TOM: It is very musical in Liverpool, so every family has at least one member of their family in some band.

TRR: Is it a central town or…?

TOM: It is saturated with music and bands and it is a small town.

TRR: How about original music?

TOM: There are pocket loads of original music; mainly original music. You can go to the tavern where the Beatles played and every night there is a Beatles covers band playing every single night there. 11am to 2am, tourists all year long, every day.

BILL: (Manager interjects) One day in a taxi these guys ask me where Abbey Road is, and I say, “Sorry but you are in the wrong city.”

TRR: (laughing) Tom tell me a crazy band story.

TOM: Yah, there was the night we all had to sleep in a horse box on an island. In France a small island where we were booked, the gig was in a circus tent. Run by travelers, and we had no shower, and so they said they were giving us accommodations, and they said, this is where you are sleeping, so it was a vehicle for horses; one that hadn’t been on the road for like 50 years.

TRR: So, you just passed out and then woke up there, eh?

TOM: Yah, pretty much.

TRR: When you guys get together, give me some idea of your overall influences?


TOM: I have no idea, at the time when I formed it, Led Zeppelin, Humble Pie, the High, bluesy but heavy rock with some Punk to it. That’s what I wanted to do. Something interesting.


TRR: Bill hear me, but I wanna ask Tom this, I love “So Fine,” and when I listen to some of your other tunes, “It Aint Over,” “Fosnavag,” and “I’m the Same” those are also great songs. I can’t wait for you to belt the ….out of some songs. Cause your voice is strong, I love when you do that. Such cool songs. I care about you guys, cause you sound so cool. I want to hear you live a lot. We get to hear a lot of bands around here, and you know, you have your own songs and sound truly.


BILL: I can’t wait to have you hear their new music coming out soon, they are working on more, too. As a manager, I hear a lot, but, you know, we are looking for authentic.

TRR: When will you be in the U.S.?


TOM: I want to go but we don’t have a plan to yet.


TRR: Send me some more songs, I can’t wait to hear the new things. Good luck and keep in touch with us!

TOM: We promise we will send you the latest tunes.


TRR: I can’t wait! Thanks guys.




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