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They'll accept the BLAME for writing great Rock music.  

"There is no “End Goal” but, rather, just small goals to reach bigger goals. We hope to create songs that people can relate to."

Mick Burns (lead singer)


By: Kreig Marks, June 2020


TRR:  Let me start by congratulating you on the new song "Blame."  It's great and is getting a lot of much-deserved attention.  Your voice sounds so good and the production is great, too.

MICK:  Thank you.  

TRR:  Growing up, if you had listened to your grandfather, what type of profession would you be working in today?

MICK: Construction

TRR:  I take it your grandfather worked construction?

MICK: Mick: Yes, and eventually my dad left Italy when he was 17, to meet him in South Africa, where
he was at the time, and also made a life through construction.


TRR:  Feral Sun seems to be picking up steam and a lot of new fans along the way.  Do you feel that you are getting closer to your goal as a musician, singer/songwriter?

MICK:  Yes, it does feel a little more like it’s all coming together now and all the years of blood sweat and tears are starting to pay off but, it’s all been worth it!  I guess my/our goal was always to get our music out to the masses but, I feel that there is no “End Goal” but, rather just small goals to reach bigger goals and keep doing what we love and in turn hope to create songs that people can relate to.

I feel as a songwriter, that although the songs may have matured through experience, you can still find elements of my roots and where it all began and hear the influences our sound.


TRR:  Staying true to your roots.  I like that.  The current band lineup; how does it compare musically to the original lineup of Feral Sun?

MICK: To be honest, it’s not far off from what we wrote in our debut album in terms of the genre and style of writing that our fans have told us they love but, it definitely has a new energy and a few elements that have changed in terms of guitar and bass style of playing and sounds that Mark Hosri (Lead Guitar) and Andrea Murgia (Bass) have brought in to the mix.


TRR:  I assume you are enjoying what's being created collectively.

MICK:  We definitely like what’s being created and can’t wait to share more of the killer tracks that we have ready and waiting to unleash to the world!

TRR:  If you could revisit your childhood, who would be most envious of your recording career?

MICK:  My brother, as he was the one that got me listening to good music, and always said I ended up doing all the things he wanted to do..LOL!

TRR:  Ha. What music did he get you listening to?

MICK:  REM, Pink Floyd, Phil Collins, Depeche Mode, Rodriguez and more!

TRR:  Is your brother a musician?

MICK:  No, he went on to become an Accountant/ Financial manager but, maybe in his next life ;)

TRR:  Is your brother proud of your accomplishments?

MICK:  Oh hell yeah! He has said it to me on more than one occasion and he has always been there for me through the good and the bad, a true legend in my eyes!

TRR:  That's very cool. What’s your dream show?  (Venue and supporting acts)

MICK:  Wow…mmmm let’s see! I guess maybe The O2 Arena in London with Feral Sun sharing the stage with Alter Bridge, Seether and Pearl Jam!

TRR:  When that show happens, make sure you give us a call.  We'll be there!    Here's a curve ball for you. You finish this interview and you walk outside and find a winning lottery ticket on the ground worth 10 million dollars.  You go to cash it in but, there’s a stipulation.  The only way you can cash it in and claim the money is if you quit your band and never write music or perform ever again.  What do you do?   

MICK: Well, perhaps give it to a family member or friend to cash it in instead, with a sneaky note of “I know where you live” ..ha ha!


TRR:  LOL, there you go.  Now, let’s rephrase the question.  This time, it’s your wife who finds the ticket but the same stipulation is attached; you must quit music entirely.  Does she ask you to quit so you both can keep the money?

MICK: Oh hell yeah! She has been my biggest support over the years and, she is also someone that loves to help out wherever she can. With that money she could help a whole lot of people and families who really need it right now. 

TRR:  Speaking of your wife, what is her favorite song of yours?

MICK: “Breakout.”   It's a song we have not recorded or released yet, but guess it’s a good one ;) Watch this space!

TRR:  Make sure you get a preview to us, once it's recorded.  What is your favorite song to perform live?

MICK: “Evacuate.”  It’s got a great energy and definitely gets the crowd moving!

TRR:  A lot of guitarists I've spoken with recently have gotten away from having several guitars, to only a couple.  How many guitars do you currently have?


TRR:  Which is your favorite one?

MICK: If I had to choose, it might come as a surprise, but it would be my Acoustic “Morris”.

TRR:  You named your acoustic guitar Morris?

MICK:  Ha ha ! No it’s the make of guitar, strangely not many musicians have heard of it.  Come to think of it, I really should give my guitars nick names.  It’s the guitar I have written a lot of songs with for both Feral Sun and my Solo catalog.  It was given to me as a gift, from a dear friend who’s brother sadly passed away.  He wanted to give it to someone who would appreciate it and look after it with the same love he did.


TRR:  Ah, well, I think he made a good choice.  "Blame," is getting a lot of attention and people seem to really like it.   On a scale of 1 to 10, how pleased are you with how the recording of the song turned out?

MICK: Mmm….I would probably say 8.

TRR:  Not a 10?  Not even a 9?  Why's that?

MICK:  OK I lied, I give it 11..LOL!!  I think giving it a 10 from an artist's point of view, means that you think it’s an absolute masterpiece with all members completely satisfied but, like most recording artists, there will always be something you will listen back on and think, "Perhaps we could have added more guitar, or more vocals on certain parts etc." Ultimately, it’s our fans and listeners who matter, and so many have come back with 10/10 along with reviews from magazines, etc.

TRR:  If this quarantine continues until the end of the year, how will you handle that?

MICK: To be honest, I'm taking it one day at a time as I have been all this time. It really sucks that we can’t meet up for rehearsal and get back out to play live but, loads of lives have been lost and we have to do what we can to avoid many more losing their lives. I’m sure a few more songs will be written!

TRR:  I'm sure there will be many.  The quarantine ends tomorrow but there’s still great concern about people getting sick and dying, a great risk.  You get a phone call that a huge festival is to take place in Central Park in New York in a week.  Some of the acts to perform are Godsmack, Alter Bridge, Breaking Benjamin, 5 Finger, The Stones.  Even Zeppelin gets back together for the show.   Feral Sun has been invited to participate.  Do you go?

MICK:  Well, As long as we can get every band and every person in the crowd in full hazmat suits, then maybe.  LOL!

TRR:  Great answer! You are really dissecting these questions.  I love it!  On another note,  how did you propose to your wife?

MICK: In her favorite restaurant that has an Italian/American theme, playing good tunes from back in the day. As we were about to get ready to go out I said “ Hey..why don’t we dress smart for a change, just to do something different?” I also got there earlier to make sure a big bunch of flowers were already on the table when we arrived.  When we arrived, she asked what the flowers were for.  I said “I don’t know, maybe the last couple left it here.” 

TRR:  LOL! Quick thinking! 

MICK:  Somehow, she believed it but I did think she knew something was going on.  I waited for the right moment, got out of my seat, down on my knee and proposed, to which was met with the most beautiful smile and rosy cheeks!

I did ask her if she had any idea and she said "No.".  The funny part was, a few moments later, the birthday song came on with waiters surrounding another table and I was like, “OMG…that could have totally ruined the moment…LOL!

TRR:  Timing is everything.  You are now endorsed by Maverick Apparel.  How did Maverick find you guys?

MICK: It all started with Brian Paul (the Maverick partner) who gave our page a Facebook "Like."  I then sent him a message to thank him, and got into a conversation about music and certain bands, like Alice in chains, etc.  Since then, we are proud to be a part of the Maverick family and are absolutely grateful for the incredible support they've given us in getting the word out in The USA. To say they are a great bunch of guys is a massive understatement!

TRR:  They are a great group of people. Congratulations again on being one of their "chosen few."  Where is Feral Sun going to be 2 years from now?

MICK: Well, hopefully not wearing those hazmat suits, and preferably rockin' a few stages over here and in the US, sharing the stage with some great bands, meeting new fans and friends along the way.

TRR:  I'll second that.  You've been a great sport.  Thanks for speaking with me.  Anyone you want to give a shout out to?

Mick: A big thank you to our Manager, Rachael, who has been an absolute superstar in helping us get our new single out there. Also, thanks to everyone from Fans to Media, for giving us amazing feedback and sharing our music. It really means a lot to us. Once again, a big shout out to the Maverick guys, and last but not least, to our fans for their support.

For further information about Feral Sun, check out their website and Facebook page along with all of their social media. 

Kreig Marks is the founder and Publisher of 

Tru Rock Revival Magazine and has been a

huge fan of rock music since his childhood.  In college, Kreig was a nationally ranked collegiate wrestler with Olympic aspirations until suffering a serious neck injury.  Kreig's goal is to help bring Rock n Roll back to the mainstream. 

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