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Everglaze is Groovy 

Alt Punk Rock

TRR:  Ok Brandon.  Everglaze.  Where did this name come from?  To be honest with you, the first time I saw the name I thought it was Everglades, like the Florida Everglades.  So, where, did you get this sweet name?


Brandon:  Ha!  Non-sober people on x-box having a really big craving for donuts = Everglaze.


TRR:  I guess that makes sense.  Who are the guys in the band?

Brandon - Drum

Robby - Bass

Adrian - Rhythm Guitar

Sam - Lead Guitar

Indy - Lead Singer


TRR:  How did you guys meet up?


Brandon:  I've known Indy since elementary, met Sam at Guitar Center, Adrian through Travis, Brandon and Robby through shared DNA.


TRR:  How would you classify your music genre?


Brandon:  Alternative, Indie, Groove, and Punk Rock.

TRR:  Tell me about this Panda logo.  What's the story behind that?

Brandon:  My old boss at the shirt shop made it for me as a present, (cause my nickname -as people know -is Panda).  I walked into work one day, and he had hand-drawn the image out, and then redid it on the computer so he could print it out in vinyl. I just brought my kick head the next day, and we put it on there.  But we we're still using the cartoon logo we had from the first fan art we received when I began to use it.  After Dreco left and the new line up came, we felt the drawing and fan art didn't match- cause the cartoons were a representation of the old band member line-up.  So, we kept thinking about it, and although I refused it the most in our band, ('cause I didn't want to people to think I was conceited or anything), after further talks, the decision was made and I was out-voted. The reason being, "Everyone loves Pandas, dude." LMAO.  But yeah, mah buddy and old boss, Matthew Chevalier from Mikey Designs, hand drew it and made it as a present. He still comes out to shows to support us/me and we're still good friends today.  I love that guy.


TRR:  If you weren’t in a band, what do you think you’d be doing instead?


Robby: I'd be working at the bank

Brandon: Working at insurance

Sam: You'd find me at the studio

Adrian: I'd be working as a mechanic

Indy: I would be going to school.


TRR:  Who are some of your musical influences? Vulfpeck, Eternity Forever, Led Zeppelin, Chon, Deftones, her's, Chris Cornell


TRR:  Who are your fans?


Brandon:  Our fans vary from young skaters to retirees.


TRR:  What other bands would you like to tour with?


Brandon:  Lucid Illusions, Dres_, Waterparks, Corridor, Chon, Ed Sheeran, The Black Keys, Rage Against the Machine, Post Malone, Dance Gavin Dance


TRR:  How do you write your songs?  Is it collaborative?


Brandon:  Some times ideas come together with the band, but a lot of the time we end up writing lyrics solo, and then bring it to the band half full, and work it out together.


TRR:  What is your most memorable show?


Brandon:  Chicago, 2019

TRR:  How so?

Brandon: The first time we went to Chicago for our first show, while at the show, I didn't know what a vodka bomb was, and by the time I figured it out, after the bartender had told me I'd be fine, he gave me 2 full drinks. I drank 'em both- cause my Uncle was like, "That's all you," and I trusted the bartender guy, cause I told him I was about to go up on stage.  I felt nothing, but then, my other Uncle came up and said, "Let's do a shot!" and brought the whole band + cousins + random fans a round of shots, and I was still fine, feeling good, ya know? But then, it all started hitting me, and my brother came up and said, "Let's do our 'pre-show shot' before we go on stage."  So, I did not play the fills I was supposed to, but we got through the whole set and kept it tight.  Only the band knew I was doing the basic fills, instead of playing how I was supposed to, and then I literally went and cried in a corner.  

So the 2nd time we were invited up, cause the 1st time was a good show and I wasn't noticeably gone, but I learned my damn lesson, to not do anything out of the norm of what I'm used to, before a show, and don't trust bartenders. LOL


TRR:  How about some distastrous show, any of those?


Brandon:  Never have, never will.


TRR:  What’s on the table for 2020?


Brandon:  Music videos, vlogs, EPs, albums, some radio time, hopefully. More interaction with our supporters, and more awesome features on magazines like this one.


TRR:  Is there anyone you’d like to give a shout out to or thank you to?


Brandon:  Brian and Travis from Soundart Recording Studios, Matthew Chevalier and Shannon, Jay Roth, Grow The Scene, Josh Hernandez, our Album Art Artist, Matthew Cranley, Christeland Studios.

For further information about Everglaze, visit their Facebook page or find them on Bandivious

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