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Rock 'n Roll Roulette 


Fast paced, rapid fire, and unedited   

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Chris Daughtry
on Fire

By: Kreig Marks, July, 2021

KM:  Hi Chris.  Welcome to our "Rock n' Roll Roulette" segment.  I'm going to ask you about 15 questions, so whatever you say here is unedited for when we publish this.  So, you get ONE chance.

CD:  Ha!  No pressure.  Lol.


KM:  Ha. Alright, let's get this thing started. First, congratulations on the new album and 'Heavy is the Crown.'  I can't drive more than 30 miles without hearing it on Octane.  

CD:  Thanks man.  Yeah, it's getting some play, which is great.  Octane has always been good to us and we really appreciate the love.

KM:  I have to ask this question from when you were on American Idol.  It probably seems like a lifetime ago.  You placed 4th.  Were you upset about that?

CD:  You know, yeah, it seems like it was a lifetime ago, that was 2006, and yeah, I was a bit disappointed but you know, things happen like their supposed to happen, that's my belief.  I didn't win but I did win.  It definitely helped springboard my career, I can't deny that.  But, at some point, you've gotta move ahead and forge your own destiny and your own end result.  That's what I'm doing now, been doing.  But, yeah, I was a bit disappointed, but I can't complain.

KM:  When you left the show, did you keep in contact with any of the contestants still in the mix?

CD:  Yeah, I kept in touch with some of them.  

KM:  Anyone you really wanted to win?

CD:  I was supportive of all of them.  

KM:  American Idol is gone, you launch your career with a pretty kick ass album, "Daughtry."  A couple of the songs are major hits.  What's your feeling when you're driving in your car and 'It's Not Over' is playing all over satellite?  


CD:  Man, just proud.  It was a long-time in the works and sometimes I'd have to pull over and think, "Man, is that really me?"


KM:  Car mechanic to rock star.  You still get under the hood?


CD:  Yeah man.  I'll get dirty. 


KM:  How are the twins? I have twins too, a boy and a girl.  9 years old now.   And then two older kids.


CD:  Really?  That's cool!  Yeah man, they're great, the twins.  I have 2 step-kids too.  The holiday gifts have doubled!


KM:  I hear ya about how that feels. Let's talk about the new song, 'Heavy is the Crown,'  from your 6th studio album.  Did you know it was gonna be this much of a hit when you were writing it?


CD:  The music industry is hard, man.  You write what you feel and if it touches others lives too and they really enjoy it, that's what makes all this craziness worth every ounce of sweat.  If the song is a hit or not, I'm proud of every one I've written or co-written.  I'm in this for the long haul, and I just love what I do, and if the end result is making people happy or feel good, that's a victory in itself. 

KM:  Last year, all tours were cancelled.  How bad were you itching to get back on the road?  

CD:  You know, it was tough on all of us.  I'm sure it hit you real hard too.  We're all human.  You wanna do what you do but you know, I made my lemonade.  We all had to in some sort or fashion.  I got to spend a lot of time with the family and that was great.  I caught up with a lot of friends, did a lot of writing.  Yeah, I missed performing, but you know, we all missed out on a lot of things.  Yet, it also allowed us, at least I hope, to catch up on a lot of things we'd been missing.  So there's the silver lining.  


KM:  You're now out again touring.  How long will this tour go on?


CD:  Man, as long as I can keep going.  We're doing a bunch of shows through September, at least.  We'll see what else comes up.  Next year, I've got some shows already booked for Europe.  So, that'll be a lot of fun.  


KM:  Last question, or maybe, comment.  The Masked Singer.


CD:  Oh man, I knew it!  I knew that was coming up.  You know, it was a lot of fun.  Yeah, a bit on the campy side but, hey, I came in 2nd this time!


KM:  Yeah, it's all good. Chris, thanks for the chat.  This has been pretty cool.  Good luck on the rest of the tour and good luck with the twins!  They're gonna be a handful.

CD:  Gonna?  Man, they already are!  

KM: Enjoy! It's worth every second.

Kreig Marks, Publisher / Founder TRR

Kreig Marks is the Founder/Publisher of Tru Rock Revival Magazine.

Rock music has always been his passion, and promoting musicians. In is spare time he is an internationally recognized neuro-fitness trainer/ kinesiologist. 

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