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Excited About Their Music

& The New App For Music Profit

Bad Blood is a trip in that they are so enthusiastic, and you get caught up in it. I get on the phone with them, and they are off and running! Make no mistake, however, because these guys have thrown themselves full-force in just a year, into music- and the business of it all. Vezt is the new App that backed them to make their new album, and they are promoting this App, where people can invest in the musicians and bands can profit off of themselves, too. This new Rock band is good to go. The band consists of: Chad Cherry - lead singer, Chris Iorio (aka "little Chris")-guitar and vocals,bass- Chris Clemente, Drums: Kenny Borill. 

Abbe: Hello.

Chad: Hey, this is Chad Cherry and Chris Lorio and we are calling in to shoot the shit with you.

Abbe: (awesome, very original and funny; I like it) Great, let's do it. How are you guys where are you:?

Chad: We are in sunny Los Angeles, California. We are just having our morning cup of coffee and are watching Arnold Schwartzenegger.

Abbe: Which movie? 

Chad: The underrated Raw Deal.

Abbe: Mm that's a good movie, I'm a Terminator fan.

Chad: Same here, we were just talking about the Terminator movie coming out. 

Abbe: The new one looks pretty cool, did you see the trailer?

Chad: Yah. 

Abbe: Well let's get to Music, cause I can talk music and film all day.

Chad: Oh, for sure.

Abbe: So what's goin' on, when is the next show?

Chad: Our first show ever is going to be July 26th in L.A. We're really excited about that, we haven't even played a show yet. This is soing to be our debut show. We are a newly formed band this year.

Abbe: Yes, that is interesting! Let's talk about that, so, you made the single, "The Drug That I Need," and people liked it...So who wrote that song?

Chad: Chris Lorio wrote that song.

Chris: We kind of all wrote the song, but I guess I came up with the main riff and then the other Chris came up with the tag.

Abbe: Tell me about the lyrics.

Chad: It can be anything, it can be drugs, it can be coffee, TV, Vezt, anything...

Abbe: You never know, sometimes there's a story you could have for me.

Chad: (said earnestly but with some funny undertone, lol) (laughing)Yah we could make up something fantastic...

Abbe: No, don't. By the time I get done with you...(laughing) TOTALLY messing with you.

Chad & Chris: (laughing

Abbe: Who are your musical influences? Wait, let me ask you this,  how did you guys meet? 

Chad: We met about over a year ago in a recording studio. The two Chris' were in a band together (Adelita's Way) and we were just working on our own music and the powers that be put us all together guiding us to make all of this music that we are coming up with. 

Abbe: In the lounge area, or what, cause at a studio it's pretty focused.

Chad: By accident it happened. Chris was in the same studio that I was in, and he began listening to work that I was doing on the songs, and he just heard me and immediately reached out to me an wanted me to sing some songs that he had.

Chad: Chris was also going to play guitar on some and it was a no brainer. We played some songs and it was Rock 'n Roll bliss.

Chris A.: Yah it just came so natural, like kind of like a studio project and then it evolved into a full-fledged band. We're loving it.

Abbe: So where is your first show?

Chris: This Friday night in Hollywood at the Gibson Show Room. We will be fired up and festivals will be coming up this year.

Abbe: Tell me about how you guys use the Vezt app, and how it has to do with the ownership of songs? Tell me more abou this APP.

Chris: Yes, Vezt is putting this record out for us. Not only can you buy it, you can invest in the songs as a fan and get royalties off of it. Everyone should download that app right away. You can make royalties off of...

Chad: Your favorite songs, your favorite artists.

Abbe: Wow, how is that set up, how many royalties would I make on one of my tunes, if there are a lot of listeners?

Chad: It all depends on how much you invest in it initially. If you invest 1000 into it, you make a pretty penny off of it.

Abbe: So if people buy  my songs, what is the percentage you make per song?

Chris: It depends on the deal, there are different packages. 4, 6, 8% 

Chad: It's basically the stock market in a nutshell, to put it in easier terms I guess.

Abbe: So, you're taking stock in your own music, and the dividends are yours, very cool.

Chad: Bam, yah. And the more our songs get placed in Movies or Videos the fans would make money off of it. It's a win-win situation for everybody and it's interesting. It is a futuristic way of putting out records.

Abbe: Very interesting! How did you get into this?

Chad: The almighty Chris Clemens is an absolute mover and shaker, and he has a lot of irons in the fire, and a lot of connections.

Abbe: Excellent. Who does most of the writing in your band?

Chad: We all do the writing, yet it is mostly the two Chris' that are hammering it out.  I am the icing on the cake for a lot of this record,

yet we all write songs, which is why we enjoy each other because of the songwriting craft.

Chris: We bait each other about whose idea is better, and so on...

Abbe: So at we can hear your new record, Bad Blood and pre-order, right?

Chad: Yes. 

Abbe: I really liked the song, "The Drug That I Need," cool song!

Chad: That's awesome to hear, the feedback so far, without having released the record yet, has been over the top so far, and I think that music fans of all kinds will enjoy it. 

Abbe: That is excellent.

Chad: It is some of the most solid stuff that we have respectively done in a long time.

Abbe: That's great. Who are your influences?

Chad: We love Rock. Anthem Rock, Punk Rock, fans of music, Classic Rock; I grew up on everything, GNR, Blues music, and a lot of Punk Rock.

Abbe: Yah, Punk Rock is cool! How did you begin with singing, Chad?

Chad: I just kind of did it as a joke when I was younger and local bands didn't have a singer, so I"d sing for fun and free beer, did a show, then more and more people started showing up. So, I started doing it, and now I don't know any better.

Abbe: Well we are glad you're doing it. So you have Vezt and we can find you on all social media?

Chad: Yes we are really active on social media and we are transparent on social media and we love talking to fans.

Abbe: I can't wait to go hear the entire album. Didn't get to listen yet will follow up!

Chad: We find it interesting that people are going for the song Bad Blood, but just wait til you hear the rest of the album.

Abbe: I look forward to it.

Chris: Oh yah.

Abbe: Let us know how the first show goes also go see our new website for unsigned bands and our A&R group.

All new music, more power to you, our magazine is all about how the classics made us. We need to pay it forward and keep new music in Rock going. Congrats on all you guys are doing. 

Chad: Exactly, absolutely. 

Chris: We really appreciate this, thanks.

Abbe: Before you guys go, any band stories that are crazy?

Chris: Well, those stories tend to be R-Rated.

Abbe: Let me tell you something, I have heard it all. I really don't think you would tell me anything that I haven't heard already. Hit us up with stories ahead, OK? Just let us know how it's going.

Chris & Chad: Will do, we would also like to thank everyone for showing us support at such a starting out point.





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