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As We Sin, 
unadulterated rock 'n roll!

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By Kreig Marks, June 2024


Kreig:  Welcome, everyone! Today, we're thrilled to have As We Sin with us. Thanks for joining us, guys. Could you introduce yourselves and tell us a bit about the band?

AWS: Thanks, Kreig, happy to be here. As We Sin is a hard rock group based in Nashville, Tennessee. We released our first album on all the major streaming services last year, but really our story starts back in 2021, on New Year’s Eve. That’s when our guitarist, Mark, met our singer, Timothy, and they discovered their shared passion for classic 70s hard rock. Two years and a few false starts later, Mark and Timothy snagged one of the hardest hitting drummers to emerge from the L.A club scene: Tim (yep, that’s two Tims). We rounded out the group with Alan on bass—after we parted ways with our last bassist, also named Tim, for obvious reasons.

Kreig:  Your sound has been described as a mix of hard rock and alternative with a touch of punk. How did you develop this style?


AWS:  Riffs, riffs, and more riffs. Mark is a riff machine.  We love turning those riffs into solid rock grooves. 


Kreig:   Hats off to Mark!  We do like riffs here at Tru Rock!  Take me through the writing process for creating new music?


AWS: Mark is the principal songwriter. He’ll come to rehearsal with a new riff and some lyrics. From there, we’ll start jamming. It usually gels quickly, and on a good day, a complete song appears almost like magic, with a groove we all like. Every one of us is quick to admit this is the best chemistry we’ve ever had in a band. We feed off each other. Like, for example, Tim likes to add more and more of his own flair to Mark’s lyrics until they’re about an ex-girlfriend.


Kreig:  Your album has been receiving great reviews from your fans. Can you tell us more about the inspiration behind it?


AWS:  You mean besides Timothy’s ex-girlfriends? Mark’s lyrics tend to focus on the struggles of life, from perseverance through adversity to the pursuit of dreams. Of course, central to all of this is idea that none of us is perfect: we all have our demons. That’s where the band’s name comes from. 


Kreig:  We'll have to circle back around to get the skinny on Timoth's ex's.  Which song from the album is your favorite to perform live, and why?


AWS:  We open every gig and every rehearsal with “One Day at a Time.” It was the first song we performed live, at the Fox and Locke in Leiper’s Fork, Tennessee. It’s a solid rock song, it turns the energy in the room up, it tells you who we are. It kind of defines us.


Kreig:  Let’s hear about one of your most memorable shows, whether it was good or bad.  


AWS:  We’ve had some great shows at The End in Nashville. It’s a small venue but it’s been host to a whole slew of incredible acts: Paramore, The Flaming Lips, XYZ, the list goes on. Around Christmastime last year we had a ton of friends and family come out to support us there. And at the end of the day, what’s more memorable than that, right?


Kreig:  How about one of those crazy fan interaction stories.  I know you’ve got to have at least one of those.


AWS: We once had a toddler fall asleep in the front row halfway through our set, and that’s like dozing off with a jet engine aimed at your face. We were pretty impressed with that kid, so we gave his family some free t-shirts.


Kreig:  Poor kid probably has tinnitus for life.  What's next for As We Sin? Any upcoming projects or tours?  I know we’ll see you guys in August at Day of Rock 2 Festival in Asheville and in Bristol, TN at Mayhem at the Mountain in July.  What’s going on before and after?


AWS: We’re always writing new music and recording new tracks. All of us are workhorses. The next album is coming together nicely, so definitely keep an eye out for more As We Sin music soon. You can listen to us on Spotify, all the other big streamers, and YouTube. We’re on Instagram and Facebook all the time, and upcoming gigs are always listed on our website: Check us out, give us a listen, let us know what you think. It’s always appreciated. And Kreig, thanks for chatting with us.


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