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Alice Sweet Alice...Female-Fronted Haunting Alt Rock 

In a moody place? PLEASE go hear their tune:

"Worth the Wait" Whoa gives us chills. It holds up to Fiona Apple and Kate Bush and more...

TRR:  You guys have a very interesting name.  Is it true that Scott, your guitarist, came up with the name?  


ASA:  Yes, it was a movie Scott saw years ago by the same name, and he always thought it would be a good band name.  It took starting his own project for it to happen though.



TRR:  Who are the members of the band?  Let's hear a little about all of you.


ASA:  Liza Jean is our vocalist.  She's been singing since she was a kid and has been in the band since 2017.  Theo plays piano and violin and adds backup vocals.  He's been playing piano since he was about 3 and violin since the age of 7 and is very versatile.  Lance is one of our guitarists and has been playing since he was 14.  Tangelo is on bass and can shift gears from the classics to metal in an instant.  Me, Scott, I'm the other guitarist and backup vocalist.  I play guitar and bass.  In Alice Sweet Alice, I'm on the guitar and leave the bass to Tangelo. 


TRR:  How would you classify your music?  Here’s your description from Facebook: Alternative Rock with slices of metal, goth, progressive rock, pianos and synths.  Let’s reel it in.  What’s your genre if you had to choose one?


ASA:  We call it Female-Fronted Alternative Rock with Teeth.  Alt rock is such a huge, broad paintbrush though, so that’s really not saying much.  It’s rock based music, so we’d have to call it Rock if we could just pick one.  


TRR:  What do you think makes your band stand out from others?


ASA:  I think the fact that people have a hard time putting us into one category, or even comparing us to any other contemporary artist.  People like putting things in a nice, neat little box, and it’s hard to do with with Alice Sweet Alice – and we know this is the case, because we’ve heard SO MANY different things and comparisons about our sound over the years.  So it’s been both a blessing and a curse.


TRR:  Who are some of your musical influences?


ASA:  They vary with the members of the band, and we would probably all say very different things.  But that is what gives us a unique sound – and it has always been that way from the beginning.  If all band members listen to the same thing, and like the same bands – it seems the music they create is very reminiscent of those bands.  We don’t have that luxury.  We  have to try and make our differences work, and that’s what creates our sound.


TRR:  Who is the primary songwriter in the group?  


ASA:  Scott is one of the primary songwriters, but collaboration is greatly welcomed and encouraged in this group.  Otherwise, just make it a solo project.  But being the band founder, and having his finger on the pulse of the music since day one – Scott has always had a hand in everything this band has released.  In fact, he does the producing, recording and mixing as well.


TRR:  The new album, Circus Maximus, is your 7th album.  Does it get easier with each effort?

ASA:  Definitely not.  In fact, making an album can sometimes be an extremely excruciating process.  Full of second-guessing, self-doubt, constant frustration and hopelessness – all mixed with moments of joy and rapture. HAHA.  One thing we ARE good at though is not repeating ourselves.  We don’t have a formula.  If you listen to our material, you’d be hard pressed to hear two songs that are alike.  They all sound like us though.  That’s not easy to do.  But don’t take my word for it.  Listen for yourself.


TRR:  If given the opportunity, what are some bands would you like to tour with?


ASA:  Warpaint, Lera Lynn, The Pixies, Icon For Hire, New Years Day, Alice In Chains, Russian Circles, Mastodon and of course Iron Maiden – so we can meet Eddie!


TRR:  Who are some bands you’ve toured with?


ASA:  We haven’t toured with any groups, but have played with Collective Soul, Icon For Hire, Mushroom Head, and a bunch of others.


TRR:  What is your dream show?  

ASA:  To play at Red Rocks, at night, with everyone holding a candle in the audience.


TRR:  Cool, that would be great! What’s on the table for the rest of 2020?

ASA:  Playing lots of shows regionally, and working on music videos!  That should keep us busy for a while!


TRR:  Is there anyone you’d like to give a shout out to or thank you to?


ASA:  Absolutely, first of all, Bandwagon Network Radio for their incredible support, Bad Ass Productions in Chicago and our awesome past collaborators from the history of Alice Sweet Alice – without whom, we wouldn’t be who we are today.  Most of all, our fans that have stuck with us over the years, and the new ones that are taking a chance on us right now!  Thank you all!

For further information about Alice Sweet Alice, check them out on their website or on Facebook.

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