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Slaves to Humanity (STH) is a Sunset Grunge band from Orange County, California. Its members include Aidan Amini on vocals, Pierce Akers on guitar, Shane Ryan on drums, and Nathan Johnson on the bass. Together the bandmates create a sound like no other, mixing the melodic guitars of the late 80s era hard rock bands and the lyrics and vocal sound of the 90s grunge era, as well as throwing modern rock elements all around.

In 2019 they released their first single, “BATTLEGROUND”, which had success on radio stations and streaming platforms alike. Following this release, during the Covid-19 pandemic, the band released “Behind My Back”, which showed even more success. Both singles were the most requested song on KLOS, and received heavy rotation on that major radio station for many months throughout the pandemic.

During the pandemic, the band worked hard on putting together their social media presence, and continue to do so today, showing success on Tiktok and Instagram. The band continues to play shows in Southern California, as well as build their social media presence.

By:  Abbe Davis, April 2023

AD:  Aiden, I love your new song, Bully.  So many have been bullied growing up and even as adults.  Have you thought about sending the tune to the exact people who bullied you?

AA:  I have!  But I think life has taught them a pretty hard lesson on its own!

AD:  No doubt, karma can do that. Did you let anyone know you were bullied?

AA:  Growing up, my parents, and brothers knew. The schools knew too, but besides not allowing me to go out and spend time with my friends, there was not much that we were allowed to do about it.  My parents would try to talk to the kids and their parents, but
some people are just stubborn, especially at that age, so the kids really didn’t care. 


AD:  It's pretty sad when the parents just don't get it. 


AA:  Yeah, their parents were pretty bad too, so for a while it was just a shitty time for all of us.

AD:  Well, you made it through.  I love your song from a year ago "The Start," great video, too. Your guitarist...he sounds great.  Is he the youngest one in your band?

AA:  Pierce is the 2nd youngest!  Actually, by about 3 months, I’m the youngest!  I was born in September of 2004; Pierce was born a few months before me!

AD:  How'd you guys meet?

AA:  Funny enough, we all basically met online. There is a website called BandMix. That’s where I found our drummer Shane and our bassist Nathan. Then Pierce, our guitar player, was asked to try out by Shane who had known him at School of Rock.

AD:  You have a wide vocal range and your voice is strong.  When did you figure out you could sing?

AA:  Singing has always just been something that I naturally enjoyed doing.  I’d say I began being able to properly sing well when I started working with our old Producers Ryan Shuck and Amir Derakh.  They kind of taught me that my voice was an instrument, not just a part of me. Then while working with my incredible vocal coach, David Stroud, I learned exactly how to use my voice better, and through that, I was able to really reach for some pretty fun tones!  Though, even as we were recording "Bully" and other tunes yet to be released, those songs started to get pretty tough for me to track, just because we started those in higher keys.  Even so, as time has gone on since recording those last September, they have been substantially easier to sing and perform in their original keys.  What I've been able to do already blows my mind. The fact that last year with “The Start” I sounded the way that I did, and now with Bully I sound a completely different way.  It's just crazy to listen to, and I'm so grateful for the opportunities that allowed me to grow so much in that time.

AD:  It's very cool and great to be able to see the comparison, I'm sure! Who are some bands you and the guys wish you could tour with, or just bands you'd wanna meet?

AA:  Oh, that list is never ending. I love Alter Bridge and was lucky enough to meet them once. I’d love to meet Slash and just tell him how thankful I am that his music was in the right place at the right time, for it to get me into rock as a genre.  I’d absolutely love
to play alongside Journey or Queen, just so I could say that I saw 'em from behind the stage!  My list is seriously never ending.

AD:  All legendary rock!  In your band, what are the top two bands, if I were to ask each of you, that each of you idolize?

AA:  It's difficult to say what bands each member idolizes and pinpoint which 2 would be our favorites, just because each member of the band has such different tastes in styles of music.  If I had to pick 2 personally, it would be Guns n' Roses and Maroon 5, oddly enough. You can say what you will about Adam, but his voice is unmatched.

AD: I'm sure he has his favorites, singers who inspired him. His voice and so many phenomenal voices in Rock are ones to remember and enjoy. Things you can't stand to see in humanity right now?

AA:  I hate all of this fighting that’s been going on recently.  These pointless arguments about what’s right and what’s wrong.  I support equality in all aspects of it, I think most people do.  I just hate the fact that we have all become so hostile to people with differing opinions as if they’re the enemy.  Opinions are what make us human, the issue is that there are many people who take some opinions as fact and try and force it onto other people and it causes major fights over issues that are important to large numbers of people.

AD:  I agree! Yes! It's happening way too much. Many of us miss when people didn't pose so often, posture about their side as the only side, and it's become too intense out there. The best way is to meet in the middle. I hope people do that more often, and soon. Goals you and the band have for the year ahead?

AA:  We’re just on a track to release new music.  We’re writing a lot, and just planning out our release schedules.

AD:  Tour schedule, singles..what do you wanna share with us?

AA:  We just launched a platform where people can get a first look at the new things happening in our world, as well as join live streams, share songs, and photos of your gear, and it's been tons of fun recently!  We are actively trying to get as many people on there as possible!

AD:  Wishing you guys the best.  Can't wait to hear more of your singles and see you touring!

AA:  Loved the questions.  I’ll make sure you’re the first to know when we hit the road! Appreciate it.

AD: Namaste!

Slaves to Humanity

Abbe Davis, Editor/Musician

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Abbe Davis is the lead singer and songwriter of Hard Rock band, Sordid Fable. She has performed alongside legendary Blues artist, Buddy Guy at the Riverwalk Blues Festival and has done shows in the northeast with Karma Daze. She has co MC'd the Tru Rock Live (livestreamed) shows. Her background has been Classical singing, Jazz, Blues and Rock. Her new solo album of Hard Rock music will be out this year. Abbe is also a masterful healer at One of Asheville in Asheville, NC.

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