Watch “Negative Creep” here:

Metal band, Cultus Black, released a new single in the form of an intense re-imagined version of the grunge classic “Negative Creep” by Nirvana. They take a track that was already aggressive and turn the dial all the way up! The band was quoted as saying “There have been lots of Nirvana covers recently, but we felt like we could do it heavier and better.”

Featuring former members of Motograter, Cultus Black is an aggressive hard-hitting band that identifies itself as a cult. Their music is unapologetic and intense, yet it is often marked with mesmerizing melodies that could draw in even the most cynical listener. Cultus Black is also identified by their strange appearance. The frontman who simply calls himself “L” stalks stages in ritualistic body paint as other cult members surround him in masks meant to signify their cult status. The band is currently recording their debut album with producer James Paul Wisner (Underoath, Hands Like Houses, Paramore). The album release date is yet to be announced. The band has shared stages with other acts such as Static-X and Dope. They were set to tour with Hed PE prior to the Covid 19 outbreak, that tour is still planned to take place at a later date.

Cultus Black is:

L – Messenger

H – guitar

T- guitar

A- Drums

Z- Percussion

J- Bass

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Don't Believe In Ghosts returns with their brand new single "Still Holding On". The new single follows the success of "Living Like This" released earlier this year which landed on hundreds of radio stations around the world despite the start of a pandemic."

Still Holding On" Download/Stream link

“Since I lost my brother to COVID 19 in April the world has looked and felt incredibly different. On top of the truly surreal nightmare this has all been, everything just feels out of place, it’s a hard way to grieve and deal with all else we are dealing with. Still Holding On is about the changes and challenges in our lives how we must still find a purpose and keep going.” Says singer Steven Nathan describing the new single.

The band recently filmed the video for "Still Holding On" in NYC. With a growing reputation for their unique and critically acclaimed videos, the band had to step through some serious creative hurdles working against a social distancing backdrop. This highly anticipated follow up to their "Living Like This" video will be released in the coming weeks.

A compelling state-of-the art indie pop band with an eclectic New York City sound. Don't Believe in Ghosts, led by singer/producer and writer Steven Nathan, rose from his home studio in 2017. The band is rounded out by Dan DelVecchio on Guitar, Alex Goumas on Bass, and Ken Yang on Drums.

The bands’ achievements include song features on many TV shows including ‘Ink Master’ and The U.S. OPEN. Don’t Believe In Ghosts teamed up with 8-time Grammy-winning mixer Ken Lewis for their single "Don’t Wake Me Up". The song's video featured famed comedic actor Gilbert Gottfried. "Don’t Wake Me Up" earned more than one million retail and radio plays. In 2019 Don’t Believe In Ghosts sold out their first headlining show at New York City's Bowery Ballroom. In the summer of 2019, the band embarked on their first U.S. tour.

“Don’t give energy to the ghosts of your past.” Says Steven Nathan when describing the meaning behind the bands' name. “Worrying about what other people may think can be draining and debilitating.” Don’t Believe In Ghosts amplifies this theme throughout their music.

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Defiant, punky, gritty, in your face REAL time, REAL world lyrics!

Slamming you in the face from Mechanicsburg, PA Defiant is taking the world by storm with their new single "Dust the Democracy". Although the single was written in July 2019, the lyrics apply to the state of the world today and strikes a chord with everyone who is living, breathing, awake and aware. Squash out politics, ethnicity, whatever side of the fence you are on, "Dust the Democracy" rages from within.

Check it out!

I've got my finger on the trigger and I'm ready to pull

Look into my eyes and tell me what you see I see a vision in my eyes of my enemy
Feeling in my soul that I've just got to set free
I've been living a lie that I've just got to believe

Rise up, rise up everybody lock and load
The government is burning down
The bodies all are piling up
We’re living to die, living a lie
Everybody up let's rise, let's rise

Rust, dust

Break it all away from me
All I want is to be free
But I'll have to pay a fee
Cus someone's always watching me
Get it out of my head, get it out of my head
Somebody wake me from this nightmare

Rise up, rise up everybody lock and load
The government is burning down
The bodies all are piling up
Living to die, living a lie, defiant forever forever defy

Rust, dust

In all of my life I've never seen
So many rise
To fight for the dream
We’re all gonna die
To get what we need
But one will survive
And that's misery

And we’re gonna run

Albert Halterman - Vocals/Guitar
Joe Defiant - Guitar
Paul Barlowski - Bass
Paul Cochran - Drums















Alborn Debut EP 'Impairative' Available NOW from Imagen Records

Alternative metal band, ALBORN, have signed a distribution deal with Imagen Records (ADA, Warner Music). Their debut EP Impairative released on August 28, 2020.

"When the opportunity opened up for me to sign Alborn to Imagen, I jumped on it. I've known these guys for years and have worked closely with them. The songwriting is so unique to me. It's fresh and not predictable. I think people will get so much out of what this band has to say," says Imagen Records' A&R Representative Morgan Rose.

Imagen Records' President, Bob Winegard, adds, "I'm excited to have them on our roster and I can't wait until people hear their new music."

“ALBORN RULES!” is a common war cry heard at any Midwestern Alborn show. The band’s fanbase is strong, travels relentlessly and grows with every performance.

Formed in 2016, Northern Illinois based alternative metal band Alborn consists of Justin Taylor (guitar/vocals), Alex Raser (drums/vocals), Zame Lewis (bass) and Nate Guske (guitar). Their sound has been compared to Deftones or a heavier version of Alice in Chains, but make no mistake, Alborn has created something unique, hard and melodic.

As a startup, Alborn existed only as a cover band under the name of Alborn Theory, but that’s not who they wanted to be. “I was working 70+ hours a week and my band was playing 4 hour shows ALL the time,” says Justin. The band shortened the name to Alborn and got to work creating the band they always envisioned. The hard labor paid off and resulted in them winning multiple Battle of the Bands competitions. For one of those, the grand prize was a studio session with Jose Urquiza of the band 3 Years Hollow and The Attic Recording Studios. As part of that session, another opportunity surfaced. Morgan Rose of Sevendust heard the demos and expressed interest in producing them.

As a result, in late 2018, Alborn tracked 10 original songs with Morgan and Jose. “I was brought in to do some producing with Alborn and what grabbed my attention immediately was that they refused to conform to a formula. They wanted to be themselves from the start. It’s rare to find a band so young not wanting to follow an easy trend. I was impressed right out of the gate," says Morgan Rose.

After tracking those 10 songs, Alborn started playing every live show they could and the fanbase just kept growing. In late 2019 and early 2020, Alborn started making moves. The band played a weekend of shows with Sevendust including a Champaign, IL, sellout. They then followed that up with sold out shows with Buckcherry and Adelitas Way. The momentum was building and so was the chatter. So much so, Imagen Records was interested in signing them. Meetings with radio executives were scheduled in New York and then... Covid 19 put the plans on hold.

In August 2020, the plans are no longer on hold. The band inked a distribution deal with Imagen Records (ADA, Warner Music) and are releasing their debut EP, Impairative on August 28th. The EP contains 5 songs: 4 originals and one killer cover of Alice In Chains' "We Die Young." This is just the start for Alborn. It’s a matter of time before Covid 19 passes and you hear the war cry “ALBORN RULES!”at a live show near you.

Alborn - We Die Young (Alice In Chains Cover) - Visualizer:

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The Mendenhall Experiment

World Premieres Music Video For “Prosthetic”

Via Metal Hammer HERE

Featuring James “Munky” Shaffer From Korn


Video Features Clips From Award-Winning Documentary

Mind Over Matter About The Inspirational Life Story Of

Band Founder & Guitarist Brandon Mendenhall,

With Strong Message Of Perseverance & Disability Awareness


Mind Over Matter Now Streaming FREE Worldwide

On Amazon Prime Video


The Mendenhall Experiment Is Currently In Studio

Working On 2021 Album Against All Odds For Lucent/Universal

The Mendenhall Experiment PR Contacts:

Selena Fragassi



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