15 Questions With.... 

Roaring Truth

TRR:  Who are the players? 


James Jones- vocals, Marty Hill- guitars, Dillon Moses-guitar, Jordan Greer-bass, James Michael McLester- drums.


TRR:  How did all of you meet?  


Marty Hill:   We all met through Craigslist ads. However, myself and James McLester met through the Dallas music scene. He was the drummer for Solinger back then, and I would go check out their shows.  


TRR:  How would you classify your music?  (rock, hard rock, metal, post-grunge, southern rock, etc.)


Marty Hill:   we are melodic hard rock/metal.  We have been described by a DJ as a mix between Anthrax and Iron Maiden on our heavier tunes.  We have also been called “Chug-Rock” by an Austin producer. I don’t really know what that means, but it sounds real cool!


TRR:  If you weren’t in a band, what do you think you’d be doing instead?


Marty Hill:   We’re all just the opposite- we all have full-time professions and moonlight as musicians. So, if we ever start making some real money in this, we’ll become full-time musicians LOL! 


TRR:  Sounds like a great plan to me.  Who are some of your musical influences? 


Marty Hill:   My main influences are 70’s Aerosmith, Kiss, Van Halen (DLR), Kiss, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Def Leppard (pre-Hysteria), Metallica etc… Dillon and Jordan are the guys who dig deep and listen to bands you’ve probably never heard of LOL. They are both into thrash as well. James Jones is a big G-n-R, Megadeth, and Shinedown fan. James McLester and I share a love of 70’s & early 80’s AOR stuff like Foreigner, Styx, and Journey. I also like 70’s R & B.


TRR:  Who are definitely not, your musical influences? 


Marty Hill- I’m a fan of good music, period, no matter the genre.  Good music is based in catchy melody and hooks, so if the music doesn’t have that, I don’t stick around for it. I think that there are a lot of bands in rock and metal right now that are way too mechanical and computerized sounding, and I’m not a fan of that, either. Plug in and play with your heart and soul, and I’ll stick around. 


TRR:  What do you think makes your band stand out from others?


Marty Hill: Bottom line, it’s all about the songs.  I’m confident, that if people listen to our tunes, they will walk away humming them. That’s the litmus test for a good song- do you hook people with it? If you have people hooked, they will remember you…  


TRR:  What other bands would you like to tour with? 

 Marty Hill: It would be incredible to get on a festival bill with some of the Patriarch’s of metal- Ozzy, Metallica, Maiden, Priest etc…


TRR:  How do you write your songs?  Is it collaborative? 


Marty Hill:  For our current EP, I wrote the music and most of the lyrics. James Jones co-wrote lyrics for “Rebel?” and “Do As I Say”. We are in pre-production for our next CD, which features more collaborative ideas. Dillon has some really good riffs and song ideas, along with James Michael. The next CD will show a more expansive view of Roaring Truth.


TRR:  What is your most memorable show? 


Marty Hill:  My most memorable show came at a showcase held in the Dallas area last November. It was one of our first shows as a five-piece (Dillon used to be on bass, until we hired Jordan to play bass in May 2018), and I felt the true power that we were radiating. It was like being in the eye of a Texas tornado. It was a very surreal, defining moment in my musical career. 


TRR:  What has been your craziest fan interaction? 


Marty Hill: We tend to stay away from the craziness, LOL! We let the musical journey itself be the crazy part. James lets the folks know at the beginning of the show that we are going on a musical journey, a roller coaster ride, of highs, lows, fasts, and slows- so hang on, baby! 


TRR:  Have you had a “Murphy’s Law” show? 


Marty Hill:   I have a personal Murphy’s Law every gig we play- getting my rig set up and ready to go by the time our set begins.


TRR:  What’s on the table for the rest of the year? 


Marty Hill- Playing in support of the EP “Roaring Truth”. We are also working up new music for later release. However, our main focus is bringing about an awareness of the EP and getting out to the metal masses. 


TRR:  Is there anyone you’d like to give a shout out to or thank you to? 


Marty Hill: DSN for making the video of “Homesick”, our first single, for us. Dallas/Ft. Worth radio that has played the single as well- 97.1 The Eagle & 89.3 KNON. We would also like to thank metal/hard rock fans in advance, for checking out the EP on iTunes, Spotify, IHeart etc…RAWK!!!

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