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Tampa's #1  Cure for Guitar Addiction

Replay Guitar Exchange

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Located in the heart of South Tampa, Replay Guitar Exchange is not just a 6,000 square foot store, it is a world class destination, a candy store of sorts for the new and old guitar aficionados.  As Kyle Bailey, founder and owner calls it, “a gathering place for guitar lovers, musicians and friends.” 

Move aside “Big Box Stores!”  Replay Guitar Exchange is the King in Tampa.  It has an incredible selection of new, pre-owned, and vintage guitars, basses, amps, and more gear than you can imagine.  So, when in Tampa, do yourself a solid and make sure to visit Replay.  Stay awhile and meet some new friends.  It will be music to your ears!



TRR:  Kyle, you founded Replay Guitar Exchange in 2015.  What was your motivation behind this?


KB:  I felt that there was demand in our area for a high-end guitar shop offering new & used gear with outstanding customer service and superior selection, so when the opportunity presented itself, I pulled the trigger!


TRR:  Well, we’re glad you did.  Replay is an incredible place where anyone can find a guitar of their dreams.  When someone comes in to trade or sell a guitar, what do you look at?  What makes you interested in their guitar?


KB:  I have a few folks on staff that are authorized to evaluate and make offers on instruments.  They take many factors into consideration such as the general condition and overall desirability of the guitar.  We also research the used prices online to see what prices others are getting for them, so we can price it competitively.


TRR:  When did you first become interested in guitars?


KB:  I remember getting a beginner electric guitar and amp when I was about 10 years old.  I had a guitarist friend who was a couple years older and he taught me a few songs.  I still remember the very first song I learned to play “Stone in Love” by Journey. 


TRR:  Great song!  One of my all-time favorites by Journey.  What did you do before opening Replay?


KB:  My “day job”, so to speak, is real-estate investing, but I also serve as President of The Bailey Family Foundation, which awards hundreds of college scholarships to deserving students every year in the Tampa Bay area.  I still do those things, but I enjoy spending as much time as I can at Replay. 


TRR:  That’s very commendable of you.  Giving back to the community is so important.  Is this something (Replay) that you have always dreamed of doing?


KB:  Yes, I’ve always had this dream in the back of my mind to own a cool guitar shop someday.  I have fond memories of hanging out in my local shop as a teenager growing up in Northern Virginia.  I didn’t always have money to buy something, but it was still fun to visit, and I would usually learn something from the staff or customers.  I really wanted to recreate that feeling of community with my store. 


TRR:  Well, it looks like you certainly have.  Congratulations on that.  I understand you are a musician.  What type of music do you enjoy playing?   Listening to?


KB:  I like all kinds of music, but I really enjoy playing 80’s thrash metal.  My son is a gifted guitarist and we play in a cover band together with my brother as the drummer.  It’s a great family bonding experience!  Usually when I put music on in the car, I listen to something a little milder like 90’s alternative or classic rock.


TRR:  Who is your favorite band to listen to?


KB:  Megadeth has always been my favorite!  I find myself sort of stuck in the 80’s & 90’s, but my son has been introducing me to a lot of new music lately from Dream Theater, Animals as Leaders, Chon, Intervals, and more. 


TRR:  Smart son!  All great bands.  You’ve had some incredible musicians come through Replay.  Who did you really enjoy seeing or meeting?


KB:  All of the musicians have been really cool and I’ve enjoyed meeting and spending time with them.  Because I am a big Megadeth fan, I would say that meeting and hanging out with David Ellefson has been my favorite so far.  He came into town one year on Superbowl Sunday to do a clinic at the store the next day.  We reserved a private room with a TV in a restaurant and I enjoyed a nice meal while watching the Superbowl with David and a few friends.  It was one of those surreal moments for me!  He is such a pro and a great down-to-earth guy.  I hope he will visit us again soon.


TRR:  That’s a cool story.  Personally, what is your favorite guitar?  It can be one you have at Replay or something you do not have there.


KB:  When I was a teenager,  playing whatever I could afford in our garage band, I always dreamed that someday, I might own a REAL Gibson Les Paul, just like Slash.  That was the ultimate for me, so I’ve always had a soft spot for Les Pauls.  We are an authorized, full-line Gibson dealer, and this year, I added a brand new one to my personal collection:  58 Les Paul Standard Slash Brazilian Dream, complete with his autograph!  So, that’s probably my favorite right now. 


TRR:  Don’t let go of that one!  That’s an incredible guitar.  I’m sure you’ve seen some incredible and some not so incredible guitars people have brought to Replay to sell or trade.  What has someone brought in that made you say, “wow!”  


KB:  There is always cool & interesting stuff coming through the door here at Replay.  Recently, one of our customers brought an actual, vintage 1959 Gibson Les Paul Burst in to the shop!  It wasn’t for sale, he just brought it in for show & tell, but it was fun to just have it in the building for the afternoon. 


TRR:  What has someone brought in that made you say, “No way!”


KB:  Sometimes people bring guitars in such bad condition that you want to wear gloves before you touch them, but our repair techs do a great job of getting them cleaned up, restrung, adjusted and looking like new. 


TRR:  Who are some custom builders that blow you away?


KB:  There are a lot of great builders out there and I wish we had hook space to carry them all, but we have to dedicate most of our space to the big, well-known brands.  We recently signed on as a Suhr dealer and we are excited to get our opening order in early 2019.  We have been doing pretty well with John Page guitars, which provide excellent quality and value.


TRR:  What can we look forward to with Replay in the next couple years?   Any plans to add any more stores?


KB:  We have certainly made a splash here in Tampa over the last couple years and are starting to draw customers from all over Florida.  We plan to continue hosting big name clinics & shows, so I would hope we become a regional destination attraction for guitar-lovers.   We will continue to stock 1,000+ instruments, including many high-end, custom shop, vintage, and unusual guitars you simply won’t find at any other store.  Our on-line business has really been taking off lately, so I hope your readers all over the USA will get to experience the Replay difference at 


TRR:  We are certainly going to spread the word.  Thank you Kyle and I wish you continued success with Replay and your foundation.


KB:  Thank you Craig and Tru Rock Revival Magazine.


Craig Marks, Publisher

Tru Rock Revival Magazine

December 2018

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