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The Remake of Jillyan 'Fox' Brennan of Forever May Fall

Forever May Fall is a four-piece rock band from Charlotte, North Carolina founded in 2017 by vocalist & songwriter Jillyan “Fox” Brennan. With one album down, a lineup change, and a global pandemic abruptly halting momentum, the band has come back swinging with their hiatus breaking single “Aftermath” released in February of 2022. Rebranding and blending the sounds of influences such as Evanescence, Halestorm, Bad Omens, Spiritbox, Underoath, and many more, Forever May Fall hopes to break the molds of any one genre.

By Kreig Marks, April 2023

KM:  Congratulations on the new music.  Are there plans for a full album at this point?

JB: Thank you! It has definitely been fun pushing our capabilities and learning new things.  We have recently been discussing a full album, but we are still in the early planning stages. There’s a lot to consider from the constant demands of feeding the algorithms to balancing the time necessary to create an album worth listening to cover to cover. The idea is definitely there. 


KM:  Well, for now, we'll just enjoy the new songs.  Keep us posted about any new album plans.  Who’s the primary writer in the band?

JB: Primarily the writing is done by Colt & I. Colt is behind the music, and I am behind the lyrics most of the time. We’ve co-written all of our new music and those producers of course helped with both music and lyrics. 


KM: You both make a pretty good songwriting team.  What's your thought on this?  Most artists in the music industry would probably agree that the music profession can be brutal. What keeps you motivated every day to keep writing, recording and performing?

JB: Life. Between the 4 of us, there’s always an experience.  Along with new music that we find that can inspire us to run with either a lyric or theme and create something new. 

KM:  Gotta agree with that.  Life is definitely a motivating factor in many professions.  New experiences every day.  I’ve interviewed a lot of bands and whenever I’ve asked this question I get some strange looks, some strange comments or some sarcasm. But, I’m going to ask you the question. What would make you give up music? If you had to give it up, what would the reason by, other than a physical issue that wouldn’t allow you to keep recording or performing?

JB: I don’t think that any of us would ever give up music in its entirety. Music has been ingrained into the very fibers of our beings since we were kids, so in some way, shape, or form, music would be present. Would there be aspects we would give up? Sure. Maybe one day it becomes too much and we give up promoting and pushing the band as far as we have, or maybe we give up touring because of whatever reason at the time seems valid, but as far as listening to music, playing music, hell, even creating music, I don’t ever see that going away. Colt and I especially both have studios in our homes, so one day we may shift gears, but music will never just disappear from our lives, and most certainly not by choice. 


KM: OK. So, if you had to give up the music, what would you do to support yourself or your family?  What’s the backup plan?

JB: We actually all have adulty day jobs. I suppose we’d just keep working those. 


KM:  At what age did you know you wanted to be on stage?

JB:  Since I could talk. I’ve been singing since such a young age, it was just a natural place to be. There wasn’t ever really too much thought behind it other than “I want to do that,” and so I did. 


KM: Who in your family has been the constant supporter of your music career choice?  Is there one family member really out there showing support all the time? 

JB:  My entire family, but most importantly my parents. Whether it was singing, piano or guitar lessons, they sent me, they nurtured the little seed in my head, they bought the piano, the guitars, they listened when I wrote new songs, they came to the school concerts, they encouraged me to keep going. I bet it’s been a lot of fun for them as of late to look back and see the major difference in my voice and my music since I was a kid. 


KM: Tell me a bit about the band.  You’re all from different states but now home is Charlotte, NC.  We, Tru Rock, are now home-based in Asheville.  How did Forever May Fall come together?

JB: Craigslist.


KM:  I've heard that a lot.  Craigslist should start sponsoring bands. 


JB: Wish I had a better story. After I moved to NC in 2013, I took a long time off of the band scene and music but around 2015 I started missing it and picked up my guitar and headed to open mic nights all over the Lake Norman area. I got fed up with some of the flakiness.. “Lets jam, let’s start something” and nothing ever coming of the sort, so circa 2017 I put an ad on Craigslist. I found our first guitarist, Jason, there. We instantly clicked and wrote about 4 songs the 1st time we ever met. Then we found Sweez, (who’s email I still remember to this day) and after about 14 drum auditions (not kidding) we found Crabby. It was kinda cool as all 3 of them at the time had recently moved to NC within the year or so, and it became like having a family that we were also lacking.  Colt came along at the end of 2020. We had actually been dating at the time, and he had already been helping us write new music. It just worked out really well.  


KM:  Where does the “Fox” nickname come from?

JB: High School. My friends and I were total gearheads so I was always at a car show or driving around with my buddy Joe in one of his project cars. The whole group was at a car show (I think) and someone pulled up with a third gen mustang. One of the guys said “whoah look at that fox body” and as a joke, one of them pointed to me and said “Look at this fox body right here, huh? huh?” Of course I rolled my eyes, but it just kinda stuck. It was also around the time that the 1st Transformers movie had come out with Megan Fox all up on Bumble Bee whispering about camshafts and the inside jokes just kept piling on. The amount of times I was asked to say “camshaft” still makes me twitch to this day. I still remember guys. *insert middle finger here.* 

KM:  Not to worry, no one here is going to ask you to camshaft. You started the band in 2017, put out one album and then the pandemic put a halt to the band’s progress.  Now you have a new lineup with new music.  As horrible as the pandemic was, do you feel the pandemic was a blessing in disguise for the band’s growth?


JB:  For us, yes. It was an incredibly unfortunate time for so many people; but we were very blessed and very fortunate to remain safe and in good health,  and still maintain our day jobs. There was plenty of time for us to talk and consider new opportunities and since we didn’t have any idea at the time when the world would reopen or if it ever would, we just decided to write. It wound up putting us ahead of the curve and allowing us to have a solid year of content in our pocket. 


KM: I’ve been listening to your recently released songs.  All are very solid and you can definitely hear the influences of Evanescence and Halestorm but you all have your own sound as well.  What’s the plan now?  Where do you all want to see things go?


JB: We just want to see it.. go. hahah We try not to put ourselves in a box in an effort to keep our minds as open as possible when it comes to writing music. We’re gearing up for a return to the stage this summer, and we’d love to snag some good shows and festivals within the next few years. All 4 of us are equally obsessed with Bad Omens, so I think you’ll be surprised to hear how we bring that influence into some of our newer releases. 


KM:  Do you feel the band is close to taking a big step forward?

JB: Yes. I think returning to the stage is going to open a lot of doors, expose us to a lot of new fans, and help us meet and build that solid army of fans. We’re going to meet new bands, network with new people, and I think we’re going to see a huge uptick in success as far as streaming and merch sales. 


KM:  What’s on the calendar through the rest of the year?

JB: We’re heading out next week to film a music video for our summer single, we’ve got some shows planned, we’ve got *a lot* of content to get to making, I have a ton of custom, one of a kind band merch to make,  and we’re still talking about that album… 


Thank you so much for reaching out to us and getting to know us a bit. We truly appreciate your time and are humbled to be your April feature. Our next single, “Afterglow” featuring Bradley Scott of Emarosa drops on April 7th. As always, find us everywhere you check socials - Facebook, IG, Twitter, TikTok and Youtube, and everywhere you stream music. We’re looking forward to hopefully meeting y’all in person at a show since you’re somewhat local now. We hope you enjoy your new home in Asheville! 

KM: Best of luck to you guys, keep us posted!

Kreig Marks, Publisher / Founder TRR

Kreig Marks is the Founder/Publisher of Tru Rock Revival Magazine.

Rock music has always been his passion, and promoting musicians. In is spare time he is an internationally recognized neuro-fitness trainer/ kinesiologist. 

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