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"We feel it’s important to get out and listen to live music because life is hard and we have so few pleasures in life.  Seeing live music played by actual musicians feeds something primal in us -- community gathered for a common cause -- and it pauses the outside world noise for just a moment.  The arts and nature reset things for a moment and give us all much-needed perspective."
~Herman Ospina


Grindhouse emerged from the gritty musical landscape of North Carolina in the early 90s, fueled by the raw energy of hard rock and a relentless passion for their craft. Comprising lead vocalist, Joey Townsend, guitarists Matt Crain and Herman Ospina, bassist Eddie Joyner, and drummer Mike Pittman, the band quickly carved their name into the Southeastern music scene. Their electrifying live performances and uncompromising sound earned them a devoted fan base as they toured relentlessly throughout the region, leaving a trail of sweat-soaked venues and ringing ears in their wake.


Grindhouse's music was a visceral force, laced with searing staccato guitar riffs, thunderous basslines, and Joey’s soaring vocals. After three intense years on the road, Grindhouse disbanded in the mid-90s, each member venturing into their own pursuits. They drifted apart, their sonic legacy fading into the annals of local rock history.


In 2022, tragedy struck the tight-knit music community as a fellow musician and dear friend to the band, Keith Ross, passed away. The loss rekindled a fire within Grindhouse, inspiring them to honor Keith’s memory in the most powerful way they knew how: through their music.


As they reunited, the band unearthed a trove of forgotten originals, each track a time capsule of their past. Determined to share this treasure trove with the world, Grindhouse entered the studio in mid-2023, guided by a shared commitment to honor their fallen friend and the music that bound them. Their labor of love culminated in the release of "Vacant" on October 20, 2023, a song that encapsulates the raw emotion and indomitable spirit that defined Grindhouse's legacy. With this single, they reignite their own musical journey, proving that true rock 'n' roll endures through time and tribulation. The echoes of Grindhouse resonate once again, a testament to the enduring power of their music and the bonds that tie them together.

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